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Isles Jewelry

Surrounded by the stunning colours of crystals and the fascination how nature could create such a beautiful thing Isles Jewelry founder Nabila Lionarons grew up in a house surrounded by her mums precious gems. When visiting family on the island of Curacao Nabila decided to take the plunge to open her online Etsy shop to feed her love and obsession of jewels she had since she was a little girl. Dressing up in her mums jewellery from such a young age and being surrounded by such naturally beautiful crystals Nabila was destined to make jewellery and every piece you receive you know is truly made with love!
What catches me is that every piece is unique and maybe not something that jumps out to you straight away but once it draws your eye it sucks you in to fascination where you explore the pieces and frankly I couldn't quite believe how natural selection could produce such a wonderful thing. Keeping it simple is an easy thing to do here but it's all about the layering to get that statement effect and personalise your look mixing and matching your favourite pieces to put your stamp on any outfit.
Here are my top pieces online now at :


 Left to right:

Amethyst druzy and gold plated chain Necklace - £27.04

Mystic blue gold chain crystal wrap bracelet - £17.49 each

Druzy sterling silver adjustable ring  - £41.35 each

Bite me small real shark tooth dipped in 24k Gold necklace - £14

Large flor necklace - £22.27 each
Much Love...

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